Causes of Rainforest loss

This Thursday, we will be sharing out weekly meeting with the Rainforest Society… The debate will be about causes of rainforest loss.

Lambin and Meyfroidt 2011 global land use change is an article Raj Puri advises us to read for this purpose. Here is the intro to the article:

A central challenge for sustainability is how to preserve forest eco- systems and the services that they provide us while enhancing food production. This challenge for developing countries confronts the force of economic globalization, which seeks cropland that is shrink- ing in availability and triggers deforestation. Four mechanisms— the displacement, rebound, cascade, and remittance effects—that are amplified by economic globalization accelerate land conversion. A few developing countries have managed a land use transition over the recent decades that simultaneously increased their forest cover and agricultural production. These countries have relied on various mixes of agricultural intensification, land use zoning, forest protection, increased reliance on imported food and wood prod- ucts, the creation of off-farm jobs, foreign capital investments, and remittances. Sound policies and innovations can therefore rec- oncile forest preservation with food production. Globalization can be harnessed to increase land use efficiency rather than leading to uncontrolled land use expansion. To do so, land systems should be understood and modeled as open systems with large flows of goods, people, and capital that connect local land use with global- scale factors.