do unto others as you would have them do unto you – some thoughts today

As certain Bernard Shaw took the above quote and aptly put it thus:

George Bernard Shaw Quote

Whilst we murmur on that perhaps the original quote can be reverted for further learning in some thoughts I had today:

“I was wrong to say that Social Anthropology must apply itself more practically and actively to the wider world. 

It does it in bringing a wider awareness of what it means to be human, a holistic appreciation of the world.

This in itself is action.”

This is not to say that I or other Social Anthropologists should not proceed in an applied sense.

“However I retain my belief that to maintain integrity and be able to claim more fully a wider awareness,

Social Anthropology must question, analyse, understand, become aware AND apply this in terms of itself.

Itself being its entitization (thats right not a real word) as an academic discipline applied in its learning and teaching.

So one cannot pertinently and authoritatively acclaim something when it is not applied to oneself.”

Perhaps we can rephrase: As you do unto others*, do to yourself

*Others is both your informants and your audience