Hearing??? Taussig


Went to an open talk by mick taussig-big anthropologist- last night. Am planning on writing a fuller piece for SAC newsletter (www.kent.ac.uk/sac). However in brief; the topic was OWS (occupy wall street) where taussig beautifully crafted together his students words, signs/banners, his own experience from some stays and visits there, intertwined with a good proportion of an Artistic attitude and art literary approach.

His style is eloquent and caresses his oratorial flow into your mind.

I have a question though, was this talk more a personal development for Taussig in coming to appreciate that there is something special on your doorstep also? What I mean is I can learn a lot from his style, but its a bit presumptious to give platform to the idea that he was telling us something profound about the topic at hand; the Occupy movement in New York? Perhaps it was just the terribly poor hosting by Goldsmiths that made me feel this?