DEBT, the First 5000 years

Riffing of Charles is nice and concise post called Architecture is for Anthropologists, I thought I would start sharing my collection of fascinating points from the compilation that is David Graeber’s book “DEBT, the First 5000 years”. because my first post will be about the separation between person and environment in one of its biggest extremes: mind and body.

Every now and again I will post something I marked in the book that I found interesting by posting A pdf of images of the pages from which it comes (which should be readable, and the part from which I have extracted a few lines will be highlighted in the images. Therefore you can get a few different levels of context.)

Hopefully I will then share at some point my overall understanding or the book and some major critiques I have of it. But before that I wish to share a few percentage of some of the massive amount of great stuff in the book.

See them all collecting here – – First post coming up!