Tbilisi at First Sight

A few days after arriving in Tbilisi, I met a Swiss architect – Dario – who had decided to come to Tbilisi to photograph old soviet buildings. I felt like interviewing him on Tbilisi would be a good idea since, like me, he hadn’t been here for a long time and could therefore share the initial daze that Tbilisi can put travellers in – furthermore, Tbilisi’s buildings is definitely the first thing that I noticed arriving here late at night…

There are many things that I could have done better for this interview and my questions were quite vague and grounded in a very abstract anthropological discourse which created a bit of a disconnection with my interlocutor, but I think that some of the points that came out of this interview do illustrate Tbilisi as at appears to the new comer.

All of the pictures on this blogpost are Dario’s, and if you are interested, here is his website.