Anthropological Canape of Eureka

Among a bunch of others, I am currently reading Jonathan Marks book ‘The Alternative Introduction to Biological Anthropology’

The introductory chapter outlines very clearly one way  of understanding what Anthropology is. After witnessing and sometimes participating in many discussions related to Anthropology where either (a) an inquisitive person wants to understand what Anthropology is, doesn’t quite get what its all about but would like to take a little time to appreciate what its about, or (b) a frustrating person runs roughshod  -whether purposefully or inadvertently-  over what the study of anthropology is, because they have not actually bothered to understand some of it but still maintain a belief in possessing an informed opinion of it, I have decided to share my reading of this 1st chapter with the images below.

It is of course not the be all and end all and I have my own issues with it, but generally speaking it is great! (As the book is about biological anthropology, the last few pages of the chapter focus specifically on biological anthropology rather than anthropology in general, which isn’t my personal central interest but interesting nonetheless)

Greek philosopher Archimedes having his famous bath,
16th Century carving

My agenda is that either of the mentioned audiences may share the feeling Archimedes got when emersing his big toe in the bath to test the water temperature. and may even lead to a full emersion in the books’ bath of anthropological treasures and a more complete Archimedial moment of eureka.

Maybe even go on to join me and many others in exploring the vast coral reefs and deep sea-floor trenchs, even mutually harness the currents and eddies, of the vast and varied Ocean of what it means to be human.

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Hopefully you either don’t need to or you are beginning to get the same feeling that that this dude is getting right now. Its the type of feeling I am always hoping for so please feel free to return the favour of a tasty little bite🙂


Disclaimer: I do not own copyright of the book captured in the photos and am not reproducing it, these are just some pictures that I took of with my camera of me engaging in a past-time: reading. It can also be viewed as an extra long quote. It is just a beneficial side-effect that you may go and get a copy of the book in the pictures.