drawing a model of an environment

When I conceptualise an environment I am influenced by a number of things. One of these relates to one of my main styles of sketching and doodling (Fig 2,3,4,5,6) which developed out of a number of art projects I did as a teenager. The drawings in some way capture how I would visualise an environment.

2013-06-12 20.21.51

The drawings (below) can now perhaps be best understood in light of the understanding that space and time are not separate -e.g. a continuum or as I think the Inca referred to it ‘pacha‘. That is to say there is no static or stable environmental space through which an actor moves in time (Fig 1.) but something more similar to Barbara Adams ‘Timescapes of Modernity’ or as Bruno Latour explicates James Lovelock more precisely; ‘Neighbourhoods’ of actors.

2013-06-12 19.50.302013-06-12 19.54.092013-06-12 19.55.552013-06-12 19.55.16

What I mean to say is that there is no environment in some sense because the environment is simply a conglomeration of things that has been analytically isolates from an actor or oneself. What there is is a continual frothing and rebalancing multitude of ‘things’ heaving and rubbing across and within each other as pacha and making pacha. Anyway that is how I model it and its key for any researcher to recognise the semiotic (click for definition) nature of their understanding.

2013-06-12 20.07.40