a small story (about a local diversity of the concept of biodiversity)

Georgian Goat by Niko Pirosmani

An anthropological environmentalist asked some kids -as part of her eco-education programme on biodiversity- to list the species under threat of extinction in their local region, and to find out why they might be disappearing. When she returned she they reported to her that the species disappearing were donkeys and goats , and that goats were disappearing because they ‘stink’. When she asked: ‘but what about all the sheep, why aren’t’ they disappearing then?’, they replied, ‘well yes they don’t stink as much as goats’.

This was a story related to me recently by its adult protagonist. I find the understanding of children often brings a refreshing perspective to a topic that is under-represented. See http://caucasusgreentales.cenn.org/ for the project in which this story takes place.