Odds and Ends

Stuff I have been reading related to research

“The more one shares, the more one undermines a future patent application and a system that encourages privatisation.”


“Thou Shall Not Freeze-Frame” or How Not to Misunderstand the Science and Religion Debate Bruno Latour


“We don’t call for a “new economics” but for an inclusion of knowledge which has been detached from it. We don’t call for a brand new theory but for a bottom-up instead of an aseptic-distant perspective. And we learned from you to place these ethnographies in a historical context. As a next step we should continue to democratise this scientific knowledge in due consideration of the double movement: It has to be a movement in science and in connection with political social movements. If we relinquish one of it, we will lose. There are a lot of experiences with transferring knowledge to movements but very little reflexivity on closing the ‘circle of knowledge’: Ethnography allows for the re-inclusion of practical knowledge into theory.”


“Many researchers and policymakers who use the notion of “good governance” are often guilty of Pavlovian behavior. They assume to know precisely what this concept means and how it should be measured. They advance a reform agenda and policy recommendations that usually fail to provide clear justifying evidence while ignoring the specificities of place and time.”


“the difficulty of achieving conservation when the program’s rationale centers on the preservation of biodiversity with less emphasis on meeting community aspirations. In fact, not only does the vaquita have no economic value, but the measures taken for its conservation have a negative economic impact and hence are met with hostility, or at best indifference, on the part of fishery authorities and fishing communities.”


Richest country’s empty plates. 50 million people in the USA go to bed hungry.


GM crops: campaigners in Ghana accuse US of pushing modified food


Another win for Monsanto: US raises allowable levels of company’s pesticide in crops


“the panel finds herbicide-tolerant (HT) crops “completely unsuitable” in the Indian context and recommends that field trials and release of HT crops should not be allowed in India.”


llegal purchases involving US food giant Cargill Inc..


“A population’s ability to sustain itself isn’t a function of the number of people, but the relationship between the people and the land they live on.” [most of article incorrect though]