Fetish: No one fought for the vote in Britain.

Voting may well have been hard fought. Why do you think it was so hard fought? Why? Why? Why?

It is not many, if any, of the citizens of the UK today who have fought for that vote.

Do people think that the interests that were fought to get the vote, just gave up when they lost one battle?

Or do people believe that those interests are in the past, well so are the people who fought for the vote.

And if that is all past, so is an imagined need to uphold it, and you better wonder what is in its place?

And if it is not a thing of the past, then today is the day to take that mysterious respect you hold,

that respect for the people who fought for the vote, that respect that is said should not be trampled on,

take it and ask did those people fight for the vote, or what it meant?

Is it very meaningful if you don’t see problems being addressed and practical steps being taken.

If Left, Right, or beyond,

Most people would agree that they do not feel represented by parties in power,

the policies that were promised to get them voted in were not kept,

the policies that are enacted, are mostly pitiful attempts at virtually nothing,

or arguably do not benefit the large majority of citizens,

or at the very least have definitely not addressed the major problems in society.

Oh and then the majority of people do not vote in the UK.

Why then when a person directly questions the purpose of voting this, yes this,

they are they savagely attacked by the corporate media? And if not by the media,

then why do people who have not voted, not fought to vote, not had their votes promises met,

not seen the ills of their society healed, but maybe seen some pitiful care-taking,

Wars, Environmental Suicide, Economic Mess, Poverty Criminalised etc. etc. etc.

Well with all this happening I guess I am wrong,

someone is fighting hard to keep what the current vote means.

Oh and by the way,

Why does the corporate media engage in trying to destroy people based on their personality,

who get major public attention in a zany way,

who clearly explain something catastrophically wrong with the way society is being run,

while also suggesting and demonstrating a few practical tips for doing something about it?

What most of us say is fine, because basically no one can hear you.

Is a voice a heard or a vote counted, if there is no one there to hear or count them?

But even the voices of one’s cause are destroyed by Golgotha.

The vote, the voices, the messengers are shot.