An example of multidimensional meaning

In John Bergers documentary ‘Ways of Seeing’ one of the many tasty morsels is the very first scene in the first episode (can be found on youtube).

It is very simple yet very powerful metaphor for appreciating that reductive narrow focuses on one aspect of a whole are valid endeavours but only as part of also examining the whole.

The scene is where he cuts out a face from a larger painting and asks what does one now see. You see a womans face from which a different set of meanings can be interpreted than when you see the face in the context of yhe whole painting if which it is a part.

Berger reiterates this point as he goes on by asking how the meaning of a picture changes depending on whether it is viwed in its original setting or as a reproduction.

He reiterates this even further by asking the audience to understand that painting in relation -or along with- the whole tradition (all the paintings of that era that havent made it into popular knowledge and celebrity) it is a part of. This again allows for a deeper appreciation.