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More than a million birds trapped in Cyprus – why not use them to stuff your GDP?


Every year, usually twice a year, numerous species of birds migrate to and from the island of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. They are migrants. They don’t have passports to travel from Africa or… Continue reading

Challenging the Corporate Herd: University Restructuring as an Opportunity for Liberation


When asked what radical change he would like to see in the next five years, Centennial Professor of Economic Anthropology Keith Hart replied along the lines of, ‘teach kids about money at school’.… Continue reading

Liar Liar Birds on Fire!


So the spectacular Blue-bearded Helmetcrest – a hummingbird that was last seen in 1946 – was ‘rediscovered’ according to ProAves, a massive bird NGO working in South America.  Firstly lets just note that… Continue reading

25 Ingredients to “Thicken” Description & Enrich Transparency in Ethnography


Originally posted on Research Design Review:
Transparency plays a pivotal role in the final product of any research study. It is by revealing the study’s intricacies and details in the final document that…

Les Preludes Graphique


A small project attempting to illustrate a classical piece of music. Procrastinating by digging through my external hardrive I found this project which I did as a commission for the London Arts Orchestra… Continue reading

Game of Thrones & Conservation-Science Fiction: What would you include in a Conservation curriculum?


Selected text from DICE PGR seminar I presented on 19/02/2015 My propositions for the Conservation curriculum: I propose Games of Thrones because: If you have not seen the fantasy books and television series Game… Continue reading

Not for Human Consumption


This wonderfully titled article ‘The Influence of Glyphosate on the Microbiota and Production of Botulinum Neurotoxin During Ruminal Fermentation‘ is about indications that a herbicide used to kill weeds, also inhibits the healthy… Continue reading

An example of multidimensional meaning


In John Bergers documentary ‘Ways of Seeing’ one of the many tasty morsels is the very first scene in the first episode (can be found on youtube). It is very simple yet very… Continue reading

The totem of the microscope: Film Review of A Painted Veil


The film engenders ethnocentricism, white mans burden and colonialism quite well, despite it bring pitched as romance. I am mainly focussing on the part of the film that takes place in the village… Continue reading

Fetish: No one fought for the vote in Britain.


Voting may well have been hard fought. Why do you think it was so hard fought? Why? Why? Why? It is not many, if any, of the citizens of the UK today who have… Continue reading

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