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Caucasus Green Tales


By Gabrielle This poster is the result of a research project undertaken with Armenian high school students from the region of Gargar in Armenia, within the framework of a larger project funded by… Continue reading

Tbilisi’s Gold Market


Georgia has long been known for it’s gold… Thousands of years ago, Jason came all the way from Greece to find the famous golden fleece in the land of Colchis, now western Georgia,… Continue reading

Chanchika’s Birthday


Last week, I realised something important about Georgian working places. It was one my colleagues’, Chanchika, birthday, so, as is the custom in Georgian offices, he brought kachapuri (some sort of cheese pastry)… Continue reading

Tbilisi at First Sight


A few days after arriving in Tbilisi, I met a Swiss architect – Dario – who had decided to come to Tbilisi to photograph old soviet buildings. I felt like interviewing him on… Continue reading

Georgia, Virtuality and the Tower of Babel


This is a combination of thoughts, frights and beliefs that I have. I hope that it will be interesting to read for others, but, as always, writing is more than anything a way… Continue reading

monkey relations


I was listening to the radio the other day, and a French anthropologist was being interviewed! He was talking about the death of a famous film star chimpanzee called Cheeta, and about politics… Continue reading

The gift


Here is a summary of my understanding of a lecture we had on “the Gift” … Since we are not having any study group tomorrow, I was wondering whether anyone would be interested… Continue reading



You may not believe in fairies, but in today’s world it’s hard to believe in the infallibility of the laws of free-market economics. So which one would you choose? (Adam Curtis)

Causes of Rainforest loss


This Thursday, we will be sharing out weekly meeting with the Rainforest Society… The debate will be about causes of rainforest loss. Lambin and Meyfroidt 2011 global land use change is an article Raj… Continue reading

What can anthropology contribute to an understanding of the contemporary resurgence of religious fundamentalism in Central Asia?


  Religious Fundamentalism (RF) is generally seen in the Western world as something that needs to be combated.  In today’s world high-tech technology has been used as a primary tool to do this.… Continue reading

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