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Hypotheses and Research Questions


Introduction I recently conducted a short mini-project titled ‘A Man & Food’1. I will use this mini-project to analyse and reflect on my current understanding of two related approaches to anthropological research that… Continue reading

‘the boy with the bamboo stick’


This essay draws on João de Pina-Cabral’s monograph – ‘Between China and Europe; Person, Culture, and Emotion in Macao’ (2002 )- to explore passage, personhood, and reciprocity (1) as indicative that relationships are not… Continue reading

Man & Food Diary


This is a blog of a mini research project in Social Anthropology at the University of Kent. The idea of the project is to flex your methodological skills at dealing with the human… Continue reading

Caught by the Shore: Fish, Fishing, and Fishers in Turkish Cyprus


This is an Anthropology undergraduate dissertation by Abraham Heinemann Turkish Cyprus is the north half of an island in the eastern Mediterranean. This document explores factors surrounding fish and fishing there, primarily through… Continue reading

What’s funny in Bali?


Inferring the inextricable relationship between Observer, Space & Time through Balinese Humour A 3rd year undergraduate essay from Khalil Betz-Heinemann 2011 “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”… Continue reading

Appreciating the Non-duality of Social Computing due to Weak Project Design.


Prologue This is an open-ended project in Social Computing. My aim was to compare at a very basic level, people’s participation in a student event that took place at the University of Kent… Continue reading

Field assessment of morphological and behavioural features of vertebrates in relation to their ecology.


Khalil Betz-Heinemann – DI308 Organisms exhibit behaviour as a means of enabling themselves to adapt specifically to their environment at any point in time that they exist (Allen 2006: Chp 4).. Each organism… Continue reading

Globalization is the antithesis of culture. Discuss


Khalil Betz-Heinemann – SE301 Summary Both ‘globalization’ and ‘culture’ are words that have become very popular but what they actually specify is not agreed upon across the academic or non-academic board. This essay… Continue reading

Form and Function: Primate Locomotion


Khalil Betz-Heinemann – DI308 Note – images have not been included Question 1. How does the morphology differ in the four specimens and how do those differences reflect their different locomotor repertoires? The… Continue reading

The difference in Ecomorphology of the Outer and Inner leaves from a Quercus robur (Pedunculate Oak tree).


Khalil Betz-Heinemann – DI308 This study is to confirm whether the outer leaves’ morphology is adapted to have an overall larger sinus area to allow more light to reach the leaves on the… Continue reading

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