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Caucasus Green Tales


By Gabrielle This poster is the result of a research project undertaken with Armenian high school students from the region of Gargar in Armenia, within the framework of a larger project funded by… Continue reading

States of Fear in South East Asia


In Werner Herzog’s 1972 film ‘Aguirre: Wrath of God’ the protagonist, the deranged conquistador Lope de Aguirre, leads a small army of Spanish soldiers deeper into the Amazon in search of El Dorado.… Continue reading

The Augmented Human


“Is it not absurd for men to be involuntarily altered in their inmost lives by some mere technological extension of our inner senses?” Marshall McLuhan in Philosophy Now (Benson, 2011) Videodrome – David Chronnenburg… Continue reading

Tbilisi’s Gold Market


Georgia has long been known for it’s gold… Thousands of years ago, Jason came all the way from Greece to find the famous golden fleece in the land of Colchis, now western Georgia,… Continue reading

Ethnographer Angst…


“He thought I didn’t understand. He thought nothing had been communicated. I was angry. I was hurt. All the misunderstandings that tie the world up and keep people apart were quivering before me… Continue reading

Chanchika’s Birthday


Last week, I realised something important about Georgian working places. It was one my colleagues’, Chanchika, birthday, so, as is the custom in Georgian offices, he brought kachapuri (some sort of cheese pastry)… Continue reading

Tbilisi at First Sight


A few days after arriving in Tbilisi, I met a Swiss architect – Dario – who had decided to come to Tbilisi to photograph old soviet buildings. I felt like interviewing him on… Continue reading

How to Kill Your Boss and Buy Drugs on the Internet


Anthropology, Alternative Currencies and Crypto-anarchism This is bouncing off of Avi’s presentation at the bit coin conference that can be found here. Read it. In the late 90’s somewhere out on a frontier… Continue reading

Georgia, Virtuality and the Tower of Babel


This is a combination of thoughts, frights and beliefs that I have. I hope that it will be interesting to read for others, but, as always, writing is more than anything a way… Continue reading

Ethnography of a Ghost Town: Prince Charles, Urban Planning Visionary


So there is a new town just outside of Dorchester, that is on Duchy of Cornwall land and based on the architectural principles set out by Prince Charles. Yeah I had no idea… Continue reading

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