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The gift


Here is a summary of my understanding of a lecture we had on “the Gift” … Since we are not having any study group tomorrow, I was wondering whether anyone would be interested… Continue reading

Marxism Study Group


means of production and labour are the basis of the society. Therefore the social organization of a society changes as the relations between means of production and labour changes. This means that the… Continue reading

Basic timelines of Schools of Social Anthropology


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Kinship Study Group 2


Structural/Functionists:Malinowski, Radcliffe-Brown, Evans-Pritchard, Fortes Interested in social functions, social structure, social continuity, maintenance of harmony in groups. Remember Durkheim’s social solidarity. With small scale societies where you don’t have a governement, as a result… Continue reading

Anthropology & Conservation 2010/11 lecture series – full record


Here is an interactive Prezi recording the events of the ‘Elephant in the School’ events last year. Note: Each talk and discussion is included with a video link that can be clicked on.

Kinship Study Group 2010


In what sense does kinship continue to be central to anthropology? traditional anth view – Using Kinship as central organising system because no political/economic system perceived? Easier to use a model that you… Continue reading

Photo’s – TRIBE’s trip to the Horniman


TRIBE, a set on Flickr.

Seminar – Education


Just came out of a seminar, the content of which i will unravel in the next few days. It was on the topic of the ‘the Future of Ethnography’. But those less Anthropologically… Continue reading

Education as a Commons


We have started this new series as the topic of education and academia was where the previous series (Elephant) left off. Also due to the present financial circumstances in the UK (whether you… Continue reading

Learning Education


Welcome to the first session in the Autumn 2011 TRIBE sessions. The topic is ‘Learning Education’. The first session on Thursday October 6th is an ‘Introduction to Education’, via a remix of videos… Continue reading

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