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The gift


Here is a summary of my understanding of a lecture we had on “the Gift” … Since we are not having any study group tomorrow, I was wondering whether anyone would be interested… Continue reading

Marxism Study Group


means of production and labour are the basis of the society. Therefore the social organization of a society changes as the relations between means of production and labour changes. This means that the… Continue reading

Basic timelines of Schools of Social Anthropology


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Kinship Study Group 2


Structural/Functionists:Malinowski, Radcliffe-Brown, Evans-Pritchard, Fortes Interested in social functions, social structure, social continuity, maintenance of harmony in groups. Remember Durkheim’s social solidarity. With small scale societies where you don’t have a governement, as a result… Continue reading

Kinship Study Group 2010


In what sense does kinship continue to be central to anthropology? traditional anth view – Using Kinship as central organising system because no political/economic system perceived? Easier to use a model that you… Continue reading

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