“We are the only people who think themselves risen from savages, everyone else believes they descend from the Gods”  (Sahlins… Continue reading

Death of a Nation


“they asked diplomatic questions, so they got diplomatic answers“ (‘they’ being the governments we have chosen to represent us) Death of a Nation: The Timor Conspiracy from John Pilger on Vimeo.



‘we don’t want to create a National Park (EPA) with limited access to people to conserve the Wolves, because the Wolves seem to be almost entirely dependent on livestock for their prey, which… Continue reading

No insurance for you


“This summer, Richard James Verone, a 59 year old man in Gastonia, North Carolina, walked into a Bank, passed a teller a note indicating that he was committing robbery, and demanded cash. Strangely,… Continue reading

the Elephant is born


As a New Academic Year pulls itself out of the Summer – and seemingly into hotter days! the TRIBE in collaboration with ConSoc have brought about the manifestation of a metaphor into reality.… Continue reading

The reality that human beings inhabit is largely a construct of their own minds. Discuss.


Khalil Betz-Heinemann – SE301 The reality that human beings inhabit is largely a construct of their own minds. Discuss. This statement has at its core a combination of long running questions that have… Continue reading

Describe three common misconceptions about evolution.


Khalil Betz-Heinemann – SE302 Evolution of species as a scientific concept has evolved massively since it was laid out in Darwin’s ‘On the Origin of Species’ (1859). However most of the key concepts outlined… Continue reading

What is Anthropology?


Here is a space to add what your definition of Anthropology is and converse on each others definitions. Once a fair amount of comments and definitions have been submitted, we will conglomerate them… Continue reading

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