Technical Help / Web Development

One of the side enterprises the KulaRing team conducts is the offering of our technical prowess. We offer a few simple capabilities in exchange for amenable incentives. We quote financial incentives, payable via bank transfer, paypal and bitcoin. However if you wish to suggest another form of incentive as an exchange we are more than happy to consider it.

Contact us via abrahamheinemann [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Websites:

If you need a basic and neat looking website with common features such as pages, forums, blogs, twitter feeds, email subscriptions, webforms, user profiles, video galleries etc… then email us your requirements.

For us to build it

Incentive requirement: £100 – £300

Annual Domain Name & Hosting: ~£20

To advise you on how to do it yourself

Incentive requirement: £25

  • Computer & Web Tutorials:

Email us the details of your technical problem, or what you would like to do with a certain piece of software and we will create a tailored tutorial for you.

Live tutorial online ~£50 per 30min-60mins

Emailed Instructions ~£25

  • Computing & Web, Software & Hardware Selection and Setup advice:

If your wanting to achieve something with your computer or on the web and don’t know how to do it, or your simply changing a web platform, your email, adding new software, want to use a certain software of web application, want to buy a new hardware then just email us about it and we will advise you on how it might be best to achieve it (e.g. what software to buy, what software is most user-friendly, what software is ethical, what hardware is most fitted to your needs etc…)

Case dependent incentive: ~£25 – £150

  • Workshops Offered

Transition to Ethical Computing

email for more details

Learn how to work with Computers more effectively

email for more details

  • Some previous exchange partners:

RAI 2nd Postgraduate Conference

Breaking Bubbles Conference

Community Intelligence Ltd

School of Commoning